I do not accept gifts or emoluments of any value from vendors, members of their staff or their affiliates that conduct business with or are seeking favor with my current employer.  This includes accepting volume book purchases, speaking fees and other material that violates my employer’s code of conduct.  Before I accept an engagement, I may request clarification from my employer’s compliance counsel to ensure I am not violating the company’s code of conduct.


I do not write or speak about companies in which I, my spouse or anyone with whom I have a close personal relationship with a financial investment. When I do have an affiliation that may represent a potential material conflict of interest, I will disclose it in text or speech.

I do occasionally speak on behalf of my employer, and work hard to separate my personal and company business. 

I may on occasion speak or write on pro-bono for causes that I admire or support. 


I will disclose the sources of all material in my writings and speeches that does not originate with me.


I will maintain the confidentiality of sources that disclose non-public information to me in professional or private settings. I will not share non-public information in any way unless I explicitly obtain verbal or written permission to use the material explicitly, or confidentially as background material for a subject I am writing or speaking about.  


I will not write on behalf of or speak at any organization that seeks to limit or deny access to any other speaker or writer on behalf of race, creed, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, or religion.