Book Summary

The 2016 presidential election was chaotic for many reasons. Perhaps the most troubling was news that a foreign power used new cyber warfare tactics to influence our views and skew the election. These new revelations come to light as many grow weary of a new reality where hackers always seem to be one step ahead of us.


Hackers always seem to be one step ahead of us. So, the conundrum is, what do we do to regain the upper hand?

Hacking is now a common occurrence in our digital society and makes headlines every day. Major institutions—including governments, corporations, and technology companies—have to make major changes to be successful in this new reality.

In The Cyber Conundrum, author Peter K. Chronis explores the state of American cybersecurity and finds it woefully inadequate to meet the threat. He calls for a “moonshot”—a profound, coordinated effort to bolster cybersecurity to protect our democracy, economy, and individual digital identities.

Peter K. Chronis has spent more than fifteen years developing a web of commercial and proprietary security technologies that have blocked billions of security threats. He has served on the front lines of the cybersecurity battle as the Chief Information Security Officer in several high-profile companies.

Check out the one-pager that outlines the cybersecurity vision represented in the book.


What Are Others Saying about The Cyber Conundrum?

"....explores the today’s cybersecurity landscape and concludes that our current capabilities are failing to solve the growing threat technology risks pose to our society and economy.  The author introduces the need for a moonshot to create momentum needed to address cybersecurity challenges.

The Cyber Conundrum is an insider’s view into why our current cybersecurity strategies are failing and makes the case to modernize our approaches.  

True innovation often comes from outside, so, the book explores other moonshots for inspiration.   Chronicling the space race, allied strategy and victory during World War II and the race to cure polio, the book looks for inspiration by exploring how other complex problems were solved.  

Finally, the book takes a critical look at today’s technology supply chain, human behavior and the role of government and corporate leaders in solving today’s Cyber Conundrum.  It looks toward the future, makes the case that action is needed and offers several promising technologies, policies and practices that might help make the a cybersecurity moonshot successful."

- Patrick Gaul, Executive Director, National Technology Security Coalition


        “Our society, and some would say our very existence, is dependent upon technology. As technology becomes more complex and pervasive in our daily lives, the ability to secure that technology becomes of paramount importance. Few understand this ‘conundrum’ as well as Peter Chronis. Peter’s ‘moonshot’ for cyber security is the roadmap that we need to follow in order to make sure that these technologies are secure and work for us. This is a must read for all in the cyber security field and, in fact, a must read for all who are concerned about our digital future.”

- Roy E. Hadley JR, Partner, Thompson Hine LLP